How to spot fake betting script websites

As mentioned on our previous posts there are online website claiming to be our partners and have permission to resell our scripts, and some of them are YES

But other ones such as the verified scam websites 

Theese webites along with others are run by thieves who will steal your money and dont give you anything while claiming to sell our scripts.
How do we know that?

We have recieved complaints from people actually buying from theese sites with money transfer reciepts, conversations and screenpring and we made this post just to inform potential buyers how easy it is really to decide if a website is a scam or not.

What you would like to ask any inecure online betting script website claiming to sell our betting script in particular would be:

  • Personal verification of both company and the peson you are talking with.

You would like to know who you are paying in general so it would not be so strange to ask for a video call on skype and have the person you are dealing with showing a valid identification along with selfie on video.

Also you should be able to verify any company details listed on the website you are buying from.
Some websites are owned by a bigger company with many sites and that is fine but you would like to find the same name on the people you are discussing with along to the actual company documents.
Otherwise anybody could claim anything, like theese 2 ones above for example.
And if you actually DO get a picture with photo id, you need to google it and make sure they didnt just fount it on google themselves and use that as cover.

  • Payment options  
  • General tips in how to stay safe

    If you found part 1 with personal verification unclear, for example names doesnt match they dont “have time” for video call or any other ways dodging that subject, you should probaly never ever pay with crypto currency.

    However, if you found the person / company to be in good standard with verified address, personal details and contact details and you find them on facebbok and so on, you have done what you can and crypto payment should not be any issues.

    Otherwise, if you do not get proper details to feel safe enough in verifying the one you are dealing with, ask to pay in any of theese methods

  • Paypal with buyer protection guarantee
  • Bank transfer and a copy of the bank account holder
  • Skrill 
  • Neteller

    Any of theese payment methods allows you to see the recievers name and if you get scammed in any way, its easier to get a hold of the person you are paying to.

Paying in crypto currency to a website that does not send you their personal details or allow you to verify who they are in a proper way is just stupid, they do it for a reason.