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Guaranteed safe websites to buy any of our betting and casino scripts on with full support, free installations and lifetime free updates on all our systems.


Here is why you want it 

We are well aware of scam and clone sites claiming to sell our official betting and casino scripts and steals money or sell several years outdated code with no support. Only with us or any trusted partner will grant you the latest code along with free support and uppdates for life, basically if we add more games in 6 months in a script you bought, you will get it too at no extra cost.


We are here to help

If you need customizations, we and any of our partner website are here to help with free consultation and quotes based on your requirements. We can build just about anything you want or add any 3:rd party API or service you need, go ahead and try us – you will be amazed with your skills and swift support in any customization job only for you.

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