White label sportsbetting

The development of this kind of business from scratch will require several investments:
Registration of a legal entity – about five hundred dollars.

Purchase of a license –today, there are two main types of licensing: a single permit for online companies or many certificates for each country, within the territory of which a land-based casino is opened (the price of the service starts from three thousand dollars).

Costs for software products and the equipment for offline casinos are over one thousand dollars.

Purchase of furniture – from six hundred dollars.

Rent of premises – from two hundred dollars (an approximate monthly payment for the location of a minimal size, which is allowed for a casino).

Payments to staff – from four hundred dollars per month for one employee.
Advertising campaigns – from five hundred dollars each month.

Besides the costs, which are mentioned above, a company needs to have net assets, the amount of which starts from twenty-seven million dollars, and a letter of commitment to the banking establishment with an amount of money about thirteen million dollars.
With luck, financial investments will pay off in about sixteen months from the launch of a gambling project.
Naturally, not all people have such amounts of money that we have mentioned above. But there is another option – the White Label solution. You can contact us at igameprovider for a close consultation and an execution of an affiliate program or simply go with one of our ready to go online betting scripts.

The White Label betting system is a special type of partnership, in which the parent company is the creator of goods and services, and the company-buyer sells them under its own name. The scheme is successfully used in the mass production of consumer products. At the same time, a product with identical characteristics can be represented by different brands in various price ranges.
Such a format of collaboration is successfully used both offline and online. As a result, clients receive the ready-made product with a full set of components. All they need to do is just to register their own brand, think over the design of the location, and launch a business.

Those operators who are going to launch their own White Label betting site should be prepared for the fact that they will not have a total control over the provided goods and services.
Inability to change or add functional elements (e.g. to translate the content into another language).
Online resources provided under the White Label scheme are mostly identical. The result is not enough quality in ranking by search engines.
Despite some disadvantages, the program is a mutually beneficial and popular solution for those who want to launch a new product very quickly. The service provides operators with the carte blanche and an ability to set up a profitable business with minimum investments.


By going with this option, choosing one of our ready to go online betting scripts allows you totally full control, its installed onto your own server with no restrictions, you can add, change and do anything you want without any permission to any 3:rd party and this is why our betting scripts are so popular.

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